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Buyer's Checklist

Homebuyers’ Checklist 

Shopping for a house?  Here’s a checklist for prospective home buyers. 

Outside the home

  1. Are adequate shopping facilities close by?
  2. Are places of worship convenient?
  3. Is the community well planned?
  4. Are police and fire protection adequate?
  5. Are schools located to suit you?
  6. Is a hospital or medical center nearby?
  7. Are recreational facilities nearby?
  8. Are there adequate parking spaces and garage facilities for your needs?
  9. Is the land well drained?
  10. Is the sewage system reliable and adequate?
  11. Does the property require flood insurance?

Inside the home:

  1. Do walls seem sound and smooth, floors firm and level, carpentry well fitted and joined?
  2. Is lighting good during both the day and night?
  3. Are rooms large enough for your furniture? Is there sufficient wall space for arranging furniture?
  4. Is the floor plan laid out well with separate areas for living, working and sleeping?
  5. Do bedrooms and bathrooms provide quiet and privacy away from the living area?
  6. Does the kitchen have adequate lighting and ventilation? Are there enough outlets for plugging in all your kitchen appliances?
  7. Are there ample cabinets and counter work space for your family needs?
  8. Are closets and storage space adequate for your needs?
  9. Do doors, windows and drawers work easily and safely?
  10. Does plumbing work smoothly and quietly with adequate water pressure and free-flowing drains?
  11. Is heating, cooling and ventilating equipment satisfactory?
  12. Are there enough electrical outlets with sufficient amperage for your equipment?
  13. Are rooms located to take advantage of sun and shade?