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Amelia Island Montessori School - Learning For Life

Children need a challenging, comprehensive education to succeed as adults. While every school is able to teach students the basics, being able to give more than the minimum means that children will be better equipped to tackle life's challenges and accomplish their goals.

The Amelia Island Montessori School provides a model of education that is innovative and individualized. They are the only school in Nassau County to earn the Florida Council of Independent Schools accreditation, and also are accredited by the Florida Kindergarten Council as well as a member of the American Montessori Society. 

The Montessori Difference

The classrooms in a Montessori school are unlike conventional schools. Children are not separated by age where they are taught by teachers standing at the front of the room. Classes have children of mixed ages, grouped in three-year cycles, and teachers work with the students rather than teaching at them.

Classrooms are very structured, but children are given the freedom to make choices and work on mastering skills at their own pace. Montessori children tend to have more interest in learning, a greater understanding of truth and fairness, and see an increase in creativity. They are also more independent and have a broader view of how different subjects are related in a bigger picture.  

Programs at Amelia Island Montessori

  • Toddlers. Children are welcome to join classes when they are 18 months old. The first five years are the most important years for brain development and Amelia Island Montessori provides a positive, well-planned environment where children are surrounded by love, logical limits, understanding, and support.
  • Primary. For children aged three to six years, independence is encouraged. Children in the primary group learn how to be self-sufficient and master practical life skills. The primary classes explore the world through their senses, and are introduced to academic subjects including language, math, history, science, art, and music. 
  • Lower Elementary. From Spanish to physical education, children in the lower elementary grades embark on an academic journey filled with experimentation, innovation, and imagination. Children work in an environment surrounded by natural light, with soft music playing, and have plenty of room to work independently or in groups. 
  • Upper Elementary. Students in these class levels are ready to begin thinking globally and learning the way all subjects are interconnected. Their work is challenging, and persistence is the key to their success. Students are also encouraged to participate in community service projects that require both research and action.

40 Years of Achievement

Founded in 1973, 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of the Amelia Island Montessori School. Originally opened by a group of dedicated parents for their children, Amelia Island Montessori has developed more than 1,000 children into critical thinkers, confident citizens, and independent individuals.

The Amelia Island Montessori School is located at 1423 Julia Street in Fernandina Beach. For more information or to schedule a visit and see the difference in action, call (904) 261-6610.

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